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Founded in May 2005, Metalcubas is a company that specializes in the production of metal vats for food industry equipment. Present among the largest manufacturers in the sector, Metalcubas stands out because of the smart production system, generating excellent finishes and greater resistance of the supplied products.

These qualities provide the company's customers with the upmost security and peace of mind, because of the certainty of complete satisfaction for the final customer. For Metalcubas' customer industries, this philosophy translates into greater business profitability and customer loyalty for resellers and merchants who purchase equipment under their respective brands.


Offer products of excellence for the most diverse applications in the food industry.


To be recognized as a leading company in the domestic and foreign markets of food machinery and equipment.


METALCUBAS business is based on the food segment, where we aim to produce equipment to make products for the benefit of a more productive, sanitary, safe and technically efficient society, as well as generating new business for food entrepreneurs.


In pursuit of total quality in the products manufactured by Metalcubas, it has invested heavily in cutting-edge technology, acquiring state-of-the-art equipment to manufacture the products. We also have a highly specialized technical team able to develop products with high quality and safety.

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